Let me answer that question with a question - Do you want to be found?  
All kidding aside, the more your profile is filled out the more someone will find you interesting and that is less questions that you would have to answer in the chat if they decide to message you.

Imagine someone asking you a question you already filled out on your profile, can you say “Delete” – we would. You can fill out any field you would like, there is even an option on the members panel to leave any field “off” your profile completely, so you basically you can show as much or as little as you want. The great thing about the profiles is that everything can be searched for by other members using the search function on the site itself. I know, I know really cool right? So if they want to find a specific preference and you have it filled out, Guess What ? #Found 
CHA BETCHA.  laugh

Any visitor who is over 18 years old is allowed to register and build a profile on our platform. 
We chose the name "Nosy" as it refers to a specific concept, one that we would like to stand out for. Nosy to us is referring to information, insights, user compatibility all necessary elements to create a platform of members engaging and interacting with one another while being able to view pieces of information collectively and building a mental profile of them without speaking to the person. Hence the “nosy” relation term, figuratively speaking, having the capability to “overview” a member’s profile and communications entirely from a Nosy point of view and making your own determination whether you wish to speak with them directly. We know, you are welcome!