Video greetings are the new trend in online dating, show off your beautiful smile by creating a great video greeting that you can share with other members through our dating portal. To create a video greeting all you have to do is upload a video of yourself in the albums section of your members panel under "Videos", once the video is processed all you have to do is then click on the video. On the bottom right side of the video it will say "make this my video greeting". BOOM - now you will have a label on your profile for members to see your video greeting. 

You can also upload multiply videos to your profile  YaYYY!!  laughMembers love seeing videos.

You rather be heard and not seen? We understand laugh, members have two options in their Control Panel, you have the option to not be recorded as a profile vistor to other members and also the abilty to go in stealth mode which you will not been seen in at all on the site completely. This is a great feature to navigate around the site without being seen at all, so if you want to remain anonymous while searching for potential matches - this is the perfect way to do it. Please do not abuse these privileges by harassing anyone as we will revoked your account. - Just Saying. 

Think Audience - One Liners are publicy posted messages utlizing a WYSIWYG editor that all members can see through the website, Its like Instant Star Power, Members can also contact you right from the one liner itself. COOL RIGHT? yea we thought so. 
Yea like for real, you can change your Fonts, Colors, Font Sizes, Upload Images, Links, Videos, Emojis. 
Be creative, JUST do not be Corny - you might get blocked! from members... HaHa 
One liners stay posted for 24 hours - with a count down timer! WOW, its like that! 
We made this Feature, Rich - DO NOT ACT POOR MORALLY on it! 

Watch the video below to REALLY know how to post a one liner! 

Encounters are a feature of our site were members can quickly view pictures of other members and have the option to notifly the member that you would like to meet them, when you say "yes" to their picture they will be notified in their member panel. If the same member does the same action to your picture - both you and them will be connected in the "mutual attraction" section of each members panel.
Boom… Here comes the knowledge, if a member views your profile and selects “meet me” on your profile it will take them to a page, so they can view your photos, if they like one of your photos you will be notified in your member’s panel under “Interested Members” hence the label.  
If you do the same to their photos – it will be noted in your members panel as “Mutual Attractions”. Woo Hoo ice breaker not needed now… unless you want to send a virtual gift which is always nice.
Congrats, you both like each other!
Mutual attractions are a feature of the site that happens in “encounters” when members view each other’s pictures and both of you like each other’s pictures the instant connection is made and logged into each member panel. This is a great feature for members to find connections instantly between each other. 
We consider this a unique feature, “Be Nosy” is an expression that means information, this feature is very creative and complexed. We built a database of commonly used words in everyday communications between people that meet each other or communicate with each other for the first-time sort to speak. Each time a member sends or receives one of these words it will show up on their "Be Nosy" tab for other members to see. The number circled inside the word indicates how many times the word was said or received in general communications between each member in total, this means it can come from multiply members or a single conversation with one member. There are thousands of words in our database, each word has its own meaning to each and everyone one of us. Being able to see members using each word can give you a nosy yet informative perspective on how the person communicates and interacts.  
This also depicts members from abusing or harassing other members as well. You will find it very useful in all aspects and engaging throughout your communications with other members. 

Example: If you see "Gift Card" in their sent word cloud you know they are asking for "Gift Cards" - from other members... Hmmmmm..... we will let you decide what that means to you. wink  
Chats is a communications module between members, our chat module is very easy to use and efficient, members can instant message each other or utilize it as an email system. Members can see if messages were read and can request a friendship through this module as well. You can also initiate a video or audio chat directly from this portal too. Members can search key words from messages and view other members interest to see if you have interest in common. You can also communicate directly with all members online right now that you have messaged in the past. Very Cool Features!

You Can Also Expand The Chat Bar Field If You Need More Space To Type. 
(Drag The Corner To Your Desired Imput Space) 

The wall feature, which is located on top of the members panel is a very dynamic feature allowing you to post your own content, pictures, text, videos in a time line based setting for other members to see, it also updates automatically allowing members to see what you have done on your profile recently regarding edits, changes etc. Another great thing about the wall is that you can allow your friends to post to your wall as well. This is a great interaction module between members to get to know each other and share content together.