1. Don’t leave it blank. This might seem obvious, but a lot of people tend to leave parts of their profile entirely blank. Whether it’s from laziness or shyness, the result is the same. Having a blank profile significantly compromises your chances of getting matches. And isn’t getting matches the whole point of an online dating profile? You’ve signed up for this because you’re looking to date and you think you’re worth dating. Show everyone why you’re worth dating on your online dating profile.

  2. Choose a knock-out photo. Not having a photo is the worst thing you could do when creating an online dating profile — even worse than leaving your profile blank. If your profile is a showcase for your personality, leaving out a photo is sort of like flirting with someone at a bar while hiding behind a wall. They might love your spunky personality, but your chances are better if you made eye contact and smiled at them instead of hiding. Use a recent photo where you’re smiling and looking at the camera. While it’s great to include your dog or your hobby in the photo, try to use one that’s not blurry or a group shot.

  3. Be confident. There’s nothing more attractive than someone who knows who they are. Find out what your best qualities are and make sure to showcase them. If you saw someone you liked at a bar, you’d be your most confident, flirty self to catch their attention. The same is true for when you’re trying to write an online dating profile! Don’t put yourself down, either. A little self-deprecating humor can be great, but this isn’t the place for it because it might just sound like you hate yourself.

  4. Be Real. Dont be a catfish - If you are not 6ft 3in dont put that on your profile that you are. laugh Being honest is the greatest compliment you can give yourself. There are many men and woman out there that will accept you for who you are regardless of anything. Dont make a mistake of finding someone special only to disappoint them with the lingering lies that were created from the beginning. 

Nothing like a Fancy Bagde on your profile to show some sort of authentication laugh. You can verify a few things on your profile. 
Let other members know you have other social media account profiles so that you dont seem ANTI-SOCIAl. lol. Just Kidding, This bagdes are just exta items you can let other members know you are part of. 

You can verify your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIN profiles utilizing direct API's straight from the social networks themselves. This basially means if you do not actaully have these social media accounts you will not be able to verify them! BOOM! - Get In The Know! laugh 

You can also verify your phone number and pictures. 

We are doing our best to keep the catfishers out ........