The Million Dollar Question..let me start off by saying we do not charge for Joining -YAY! 
Wait there is More.... We do not charge to access mostly all the features, like for instance you do need to upgrade to see members additional pictures like most sites, Your Inbox, using the advanced search feature, sending winks, seeing if your messages are read, who viewed you and a whole bunch more features.
WHY DO MOST SITES CHARGE FOR THAT? We don’t get it, we want you to use all the features necessary to find someone…  Seriously use all the features you want until your heart is content.

 WE CREATED SOMETHING REAL and you need to see that entirely – WE DON’T MIND! – The only feature we charge for is communication. 

Hey, that’s all though, if you want to chat, message or post a liner – you GOTTA PAY! Can’t have everything for FREE. We utilize a credit feature, basically you purchase a credit package of your choice – depending how often and how much you are going to communicate with members. Each communication feature on the site will be a certain amount of credits that will automatically be deducted from your account once you purchase a credit package for using them.

For Instance, if you purchase a credit package of 1,000 credits you will have 1,000 credits to communicate with members. Let me throw some math at you. Example: sending a message (10) credits each, you message 2 members – that’s 20 credits deducted from your account – you now have 980 credits left. WOW, I didn’t have to break out the calculator for that one, lol. We also do not deduct credits from your account if you receive messages from members. Cool Right? We thought so! 

We do not charge monthly membership fees at all, Just PAY AS YOU SAYlaugh SIMPLE – We are keeping it simple for you to enjoy the website not watching your wallet or monthly bill statements. No such thing here as Auto Billing and "Automatic” renewal etc. We do not even do the billing at all – you control that, you simple purchase the credit package of your choice and communicate at your leisure, if you run out of credits, you can purchase more – entirely up to you or you can even delete your account afterwards if you are not happy with us. You do not have to worry about us overcharging you or billing you for anything you do not want. Do not even worry about us sending you fake winks or messages or gifts to entice you to make a purchase. We will never do that, if you are happy accessing the site and interacting the way you want to  – then we are happy to offer this service to you. Plain and Simple!  

If you want to thank us for that, its cool - Just send us a mention on social media once in a while or everytime you post. lol  
Think Virtual Currency, We utilize a credit system for all interactive communications with members, Very easy, you purchase a credit package of your choice, the more credits you buy the more inexpensive they become and we even give you free credits as well along purchasing a credit package.
Everyone can access the site entirely and functions necessary for finding dates. The only features you would have to use your credits for are communications between members.
No Monthly Fees or Membership charges, no expiration on credit packages, No Upsells, No Enticing, NO NONSENSE! –
Credits will be deducted from you account in real time, so you know how many are left and what you are using them for. HERE COME THE IF’s

If you Message a member, it is 10 credits per message SENT, no deduction for received messages!

If you request a Video or Audio Chat it is 100 Credits per request – The credits only get deducted if the other member accepts the request and you both are utilizing the cameras or microphones. The credit only gets deducted once! – so if you are a Chatter box – it will not cost you more then 100 credits per session.

If you post a One Liner, AHA The GOLDEN FEATURE, it will cost 300 credits per post, The one liner stays posted for 24 hours! You will be able to see who has viewed your one liner as well!

If you send a Virtual gift to a member it will cost you 100 Credits, we have some funny and creative gifts to send members / not those traditional corny boring ones.

If you decide to “BE NOSY” with a member and view their word cloud it will cost you 25 credits. This is a great way to see the communication messages and have a overview of their interactions.